KLM Crown lounge (number 52) at Amsterdam (AMS) Schiphol: Non-schengen

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KLM operates two lounges in Amsterdam, Schiphol – one each in the schengen and the non-schengen section. This report is about the non-schengen lounge. Lounge number 52.

Klm.com provides the map below, for the locations of these lounges.


As anything Dutch, the lounge is pragmatic. Nothing special or spectacular (like a Asian or Middle-east carrier lounge), but a clean and functional place.

It is a huge lounge, not surprising given that it caters to the entire non-schengen flights of KLM, Skyteam partners and other partners.


The food and drinks offered are quite decent. Usually there are some bread rolls, meat choices and 1 or 2 warm options during lunch and dinner times. There is open bar with basic beer, wine and hard liqor selection.