Swiss First Class from Sao Paulo (GRU) to Zurich (ZRH) on 777

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Flight report: Swiss Air in First class

Flight number: LX 93
Equipment: B777
Origin: GRU (19:20)
Destination: ZRH (10:30)
Flown: Feb 2024
Cabin occupancy: 100%

After a great stay in the Safra (previously known as the Star Alliance lounge) lounge at GRU (Sao Paulo) I made my way to the gate. We were departing from a corner gate very close to the lounge. Right next to the Swiss aircraft was the Emirates A380 bounded for Dubai.

This is a corner gate, and not much room to maneuver. At the gate, the boarding hadn’t begun yet, but as you can see there were clear groups from 1 – 6, and people were queuing in their respective place diligently.

I was ticketed to fly in business and had chosen a nice private (single) seat – 16A. However, when I came to the checkin agent there was the BEEP! I was told that it is a seating issue. I was worried that my seat is gone and I will have to share space with someone. However, the gate agent came beaming and gave me my upgraded First Class boarding pass. She wished me a great flight in First. I was thrilled and was practically giddy with excitement. I had flew first with BA and AA – but Swiss is in the league of its own. While walking down the jetway I was beaming with pleasure.

I was seated in 1G. What a lovely cabin Swiss has. They have 8 seats in First and all are spacious and the lighting and cabin in beautiful, rich but subtle. The sense of space is amazing – Almost twice as much space as in Business class on the same flight.

My seat to Zurich. There were already Swiss chocolates at the seat to welcome me.

Pyjama was quickly brought to me. The cabin attendant was lovely and just making her best to talk and joke and make me welcome.

Brazilian law says that no alcohol can be served while on ground. Hence, I was served a nice elderberry juice. Quite refreshing!

Swiss first slippers already were waiting for me

along with a nice amenity kit.

While on ground, we were served a nice appetizer -with roasted banana, mango and coconut. Absolutely delicious.

In the front, right below the HUGE TV there is a ottoman seat. It is actually quite spacious and comfortable. I am sure if you travel with someone, it will be fun to have dinner together – a fancy restaurant style!

The seat is lovely – spacious and comfortable.

There is a sliding door, which gives you privacy and at the same time you can hang clothes and jacket.

Immediately I went to the restroom and got changed into my pajamas.

The restroom is well equipped with face serum and hand lotion from Foerst.

The seat controls are under the arm rest. Once you open it you can find a remote control for the TV as well as all the seat controls.

There is a charger for mobile, an USB connection as well as the headphone jack.

The view of the adjacent suite.

There are lights on both sides of the seat, along with the buttons to close the sliding door for more privacy.

Immediately after departure the table was setup and the service begun. It is a big table and I ordered a nice beer to go with my Indiana Jones movie.

I closed the privacy screen between myself and my neighbor for privacy.

I have my own space now.

I was given a free wifi card for the Swiss connect. Wifi throughout the flight was great and quite fast actually.

After inserting the voucher and my email, I received the receipt for Zero CHF.

We had quite an extensive drink and food menu (although it was a nice flight)

Although, I had just eaten in the lounge – I knew I had to enjoy the flight, as I dont think I will be flying First that often 😉 I told myself, let the party begin.

As appetizer I chose the Balik salmon and the marinated squid and grilled prawns.

For the main course, I chose grilled Salmon. It was spectacular. It was grilled to perfection, and was served with grilled veggies and yellow rice.

After my meal I chose a nice Swiss Whisky as an digestive. It wasnt too exciting, and a bit sweat for my taste. I didnt finish it.

My seat for the way back home, which was soon converted into a fine and comfortable bed.

a lovely bed for the night

The bed in first is really comfortable and spacious, much more comfortable than the bed in the business class (where I had to jostle for leg space)

After all the doors and privacy screens were closed, I had my own room for myself. What a lovely way to fly.

The seat was very comfortable and I like the way that Swiss has arranged their first class on their 777.

To top it off, we were picked up upon arrival and directly taken by a shuttle to a private immigration/security and the First Class lounge in Zurich.

What a way to fly. Its a memorable flight and I am just glad to have this opportunity to fly in First with Swiss.