Swiss Business Class from Amsterdam (AMS) to Zurich (ZRH) on A220

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Flight report: Swiss Air in Business class

Flight number: LX 735
Equipment: A220
Origin: AMS (20:00)
Destination: ZRH (21:30)
Flown: Feb 2024
Cabin occupancy: 90%

Before boarding the plane I had a nice dinner at the Star Alliance lounge in Amsterdam. The food was substantial and quite tasty. I love this lounge – it is quite spacious and I have never seen this lounge too crowded, unlike the aspire lounge next door. 

After a nice relaxing time in the lounge, I made my way to the gate. Just when I arrived the boarding was starting. As I was business class – I could quickly board and settle on the plane. It was my first flight on any A220. On the left of the plane there are 2 seats on this a220 while on the right there are 3. I was on the right side and I had a row to myself.

There was already a bottle of water and wet tissue waiting at my seat.

I loved the tiny screens, right below the baggage racks. Kept us updated throughout the flight.

Swiss runs a nice clean flight. The seats are similar to economy but the seat next to you is free.

Immediately after take off the service began. As this flight is a bit more than 1 hour, by the time you are served and you finish your meal it is time to land. Food was simple but tasty.

I finished my beer and she was already ready with a new one. But I politely declined.

This Swiss flight was fantastic. The service onboard was really good. Although it was a short flight the FA went out of the way to check if I needed something and being proactive.