Flight review: Business Class British Airways from Amsterdam (AMS) to London (LHR) on 767

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Flight review:

British Airways in Business Class

Flight number: BA 429
Equipment: 767
Origin: AMS (10:20am)
Destination: LHR (10:45am)
Flown: May 2016
Cabin occupancy: 50%


Amsterdam Airport experience:

Please read my report on Amsterdam Airport and British Airways lounge here.


At the gate

The boarding was quite organized. There were 2 queues – one for priority and other for economy. BA boarded the priority first, it was a smooth process. Luckily now that Amsterdam has a centralized security there is no need for gate security at the non-schengen terminal.


In-flight experience

Once I boarded, I saw that this 767 (although a wide bodied aircraft) has BA’s european business seats. What a pity. These seats are like economy, and the leg-room is non-existent. I remember once flying their 767 business class from LHR-MAD and that was a fantastic experience. Lie-flat seat and nice dining experience. However, it seems on this short AMS route they have their high-density 767 product.

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20160504_095808 (800x450)



It was a late-morning flight, and there was some light dining. The food was quite tasty.

20160504_111510 (800x450) 20160504_111504 (800x450)


The flight was short and fine. The weather outside was fantastic and offered great views of London while landing.

20160504_115053 (800x450)

20160504_115029 (800x450) 20160504_115016 (800x450)


Some views of terminal 5 at LHR on arrival

20160504_120008 (800x450)

20160504_120013 (800x450)

20160504_120728 (800x450) 20160504_120725 (800x450)



On such a short hop, BA gets the job done. Nothing fancy, but nothing to frown upon either!