Etihad Premium lounge at Abu Dhabi – Terminal 1 (beside the Al Reem lounge)

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Etihad premium loungeĀ in Terminal 1 is located beside the Al Reem lounge after you clear security.


Abu Dhabi airport entrance.

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Lounge entrance

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Six senses spa – got a nice massage treatment upon entrance as there was no waiting list.



Breakfast and food spread in the morning.

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Lounge overview

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Views around the airport20160505_073711-800x450


There is lot of construction going on around the airport. Also you can see in the picture below – a huge new terminal is being constructed. Once completed it will be a huge complex.




It is a nice little lounge – with great food buffet available. I loved revisiting the lounge. I had a great time here 5 years ago and was delighted to see that the lounge still offers high level of service.