Etihad Airways First Class – Apartments review from Abu Dhabi to Mumbai

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Flight review: Etihad Airways First Class – Apartments

Flight number: EY 204

Equipment: A380
Origin: AUH (14:20)
Destination: BOM (19:20)
Flown: May 2016
Cabin occupancy: 60%


Abu Dhabi Airport experience:

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At the gate and boarding


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Apartment 4k


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Menu for the flight to Mumbai

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Take off-run as well as a great view of the under construction (HUGE) new Abu Dhabi airport

20160505_113622-800x450 20160505_113619-800x450 20160505_113615-800x450


Food and drinks for the flight

20160505_120744-800x450 20160505_122458-800x450


A380 lounge for first and business passengers

20160505_125623-800x450 20160505_125554-800x450 20160505_125541-800x450


View of Mumbai while landing

20160505_141200-800x450 20160505_141426-800x450 20160505_141358-800x450 20160505_141319-800x450


Mumbai airport after landing, while taxiing.

20160505_142046-800x450 20160505_142357-800x450 20160505_142311-800x450 20160505_142259-800x450


A quick view at the Etihad ammenity kit for the Apartment passengers

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It was a nice flight, the staff was good. Was a memorable flight in the A380 apartment suite. However, as this was the second leg of the flight and my initial excitement was waning. But all things said – one of the best 3.5 hour flights of my life…