Art at Mumbai Airport on Arrivals

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Mumbai airport is fabulous. Last time I was at the airport, I wrote a review about the departures lounge as well as the art in the departures section. That review can be found here.

This review and photos are of the arrivals part of the airport. I landed at the airport, around 7pm, after my flight from Abu Dhabi. The review of my Etihad A380 experience in their Apartments can be found here.

Mumbai airport is quite nicely built – it is a superstructure! Once the plane taxies towards the airport you can see this huge behemoth in front of yourself.


20160505_142357-800x450 20160505_142311-800x450

However, the airport is not just huge, but it is also intricately decorated.

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The immigration and customs was a breeze on arrivals and I was out of the airport in no time. Luckily 7pm is one of the time slot, when not many international flights arrive in Mumbai. I guess, the time slot around midnight must be the busiest in terms of immigration.

Anyways, it was a pleasure to be back at the airport.