Turkish Airlines Istanbul (IST) to Amsterdam (AMS) in Business Class on A330

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Turkish Airlines in Business class

Flight number: TK 1951
Equipment: A330
Origin: IST (08:45)
Destination: AMS (10:40)
Flown: Feb 2018
Cabin occupancy: 25%


it was a cloudy morning in Istanbul when we were bussed to our A330 aircraft taking us to Amsterdam.

The cabin occupancy was around 25% so there was enough room for everyone. The cabin was clean and welcoming.

Decent legroom for a short flight to Amsterdam.

I wish the recline was more – given that there is such a large legroom, TK could definitely offer more.

Seat in full recline.

The entertainment console remote is in the seat arm.

Power sockets.

A pull out to keep your drinks.


Breakfast menu for this morning.


Tasty breakfast on this morning flight. Given that this is a departure from the TK hub I am sure it was freshly made.