A day trip from Ljubljana to Lake Bled & Bohinj and Mount Vogel, Slovenia

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Lake Bled and Bohinj are around 15-20 kms apart, and these two are less than 50km from Ljubljana – making them a great day trip destination out of the city. Furthermore, they are even closer from the airport as the airport is half-way between Lake Bled and the city.

We landed early at the airport and rented a car. In around 30 minutes we were at lake Bled. Bled is beautiful and the church in the middle of the lake makes it look even more special. But its a deceptively small lake. You can easily walk around the lake in around 30-40 minutes. in comparison Bohinj is much larger and offers better view – especially from the top of the Mt Vogel – right next to it.

Lake Bled

As it was October and a low-season, we were able to park our car close to the lake and begin our walk. You dont need directions – just come close to the lake and you will see a trail that goes around. We were lucky with the weather – it was bright and sunny, and the views were fantastic.

Lake Bohinj

After our visit to lake Bled, we drove to lake Bohinj. Lake Bohinj is quite large compared to Bled and the huge mountains in the backdrop gives it even a better personality.

As we were there in October, not many tourist could be seen. We had no time finding a parking next to the lake and walk around it. Views of the lake could be seen below. The water color makes it trule special. While you are walking around the lake you do notice the clarity of the water – as you can see the bottom a few meters below.

Right next to the Bohinj lake you can take a cable car to the top of the Mt Vogel (elevation is 1922m). The cable car, as well as the top of the mountain offers panoramic views of the mountains around and the lake Bohinj itself.

Below you can see the ticketing options as well as the time table for Mt Vogel cable car. There is free parking around the entrance so that should not be an issue. While the welcome center has decent food facilities and also clean toilets. There is a cable car departure on the hour and 30 past.

Of particular interest is a combo deal for 29 euro – that includes the charges for the cable car to the top and back and a meal (daily menu) at the top of the mountain in Restaurant Viharnik. See the photo below for a quick overview.

You can also choose to buy a separate ticket for the cable car (15 eur) and choose to eat at the Mountain Hut Merjasec. They had some decent options, at decent prices.

The cable car to the top

On the way up – nice view of lake Bohinj

Views at the top

Once you are at the top, you can take the ski lift. I think during the non-ski season, the ski lift is free to be used by anyone who is at the top of Mt Vogel.

A truly rewarding experience. The lakes itself, along with the views offered from Mt Vogel made it a special day for us. And given the close proximity to Ljubljana this is definitely a day trip to create some good memories.