Avianca VIP Diamond Lounge at Bogota (BOG) El Dorado International terminal

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For their business passengers Avianca operates the VIP Diamond lounge at the international terminal of Bogota Airport. At El Dorado, Avianca operates 2 lounges – one for the Elite passengers (the Star Gold lounge) and the other is for their business passengers, the Avianca Diamond lounge. This review is about the Avianca Diamond lounge. Review of the Elite lounge could be found here. Both lounges are located right next to each other – the floor above the security/dutyfree.

Once you pass through the security and leave the dutyfree should, just go a few meters to the left and you will see this sign, with a stairs and elevator taking you 1 floor up to the lounge.

You will be welcomed by this nice and bright star – highlighting the Avianca destinations across the globe. Avianca mostly flies to the Americas, and a couple of destinations in Europe.

As compared the the Elite lounge, this is a smaller one. I transited Bogota twice during our trip to Bolivia and was able to experience the lounge in the evening and morning. Evening, during the peak departure period the lounge was packed and busy. While in the morning, it was relaxed and empty.

View of the lounge during the peak evening period is on the left, while the view of the lounge during the morning period is on the right.

The view of the lounge, after entering.

One thing this lounge scores well is on the natural light. On one side you will see floor to ceiling windows – with a combination of nice relaxing chairs and bar style table with power outlets to get work done. While having a nice overview of the plane activities on the tarmac.

This lounge has such small cubicles. Not as comfortable as the Elite lounge at Bogota, when you join the 3 chairs to make a flat bed though. While I was here, I saw many people claiming a cubicle for themselves and sleeping.

There is also a quiet area/nap room, with the relaxing chairs as shown below. However, the chairs do not recline too much and I dont think it will be easier to sleep or take a nap here. I would prefer the red cubicles (or if you have elite card – go to the neighboring Elite lounge and grab three chairs to make a flat bed for yourself.

The food in both lounges is almost similar – but perhaps the business lounge has a bit better selection.

The photos below will give you and overview of the dinner setup. There are a few empandas and dips, along with freshly cut veggies, etc. There is also a tosti maker and breads. What I liked was the soup. Simple basic food was on offer.

For dessert, there were cakes and muffins to go along.

For breakfast you have some fruit yogurts, fresh cut fruits, cold cuts, cheeses and bread along with cereals and the usual stuff. There is also a tosti maker to make a warm tosti. The options are limited but the food is of good quality. What I liked was a selection of nuts – there were a plenty of options, including pecans, walnuts, etc. If you like you can also grab a fresh fruit – such as orange/apple to go along your breakfast.

Fresh juice station.

Again, I liked the nice cakes and muffins along your tea and coffee. These were of very high quality and quite tasty.

The wine station is quite lame, so to say. There are 2-3 options, but nothing too exciting. South American wines are world-class, and perhaps Avianca can improve their selection in this regard.

Beers and water could be found in such freezer. You have club columbia as a columbian beer and I think budweiser as a second option. While there are a few varieties of water – plain, sparkling, with lime, etc.

A juice and soda fridge – there are a few of these in the lounge.

Right next to the restroom, there is a luggage storage area. Where you can lock your luggage and dont have to worry about it during your stay.

Overview of the dining area in the lounge.

Overall, Avianca operates a decent business lounge at Bogota. It is clean with good service. The lounge attendants keep all the food replenished, and clean it regularly.