Flight review: Japan Airlines (JL) Nagoya to Paris in Business Class

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Flight review:

Japan Airlines in Business class

Flight number: JL 437 (Sold as AF295)
Equipment: 777
Origin: NGO (10:05am)
Destination: CDG (15:35pm)
Flown: October 2006
Cabin occupancy: 90%


Airport experience:

IMGP6339 IMGP6338 IMGP6335 IMGP6332 IMGP6331Nagoya (Chubu) airport is a new facility, which was recently completed. It is located on a reclaimed island in the sea, which can be accessed by a long sea link bridge. The airport in itself is visually appealing and very well laid out. The checkin went very smooth, as I was traveling in business there was virtually no queue and I could checkin immediately. Having heard so much about the new airport, I decided to quite the lounge experience and walk around the airport. This airport offers spectacular apron views. I was impressed. And as it was a nice sunny day, I decided to spend my time on the sky-deck and enjoy the view. I spent so long on the deck that I didnt have enough time to enjoy the Airport Onsen (sauna and bath). Its a pity, next time.



IMGP6341As all things Japanese, boarding was very well organized and smooth. Once on board, the cabin was very well kept and bright. The flight attendant immediately came around the introduce herself and offered a pre-boarding drink. I love the Japanese greetings, they are so polite and friendly and at the same time professional.



This flight offered one of the best dining experience in the sky. The food was tasty, wonderful presented and served with such grace. IMGP6340 IMGP6345



The seat was wide and offered decent personal space. However, it was not totally lie-flat. But given that this was a day flight, it was adequate. Also on the other hand, the dining experience along with the entertainment system kept me busy and happy for the long flight.



JAL offers a fantastic business product. It offers a friendly and professional travel experience.