Fuji 5th Station – Base station for Yoshida Trail for Mt Fuji

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Fuji 5th station, is the basecamp for the Yoshida trail, before you begin your climb. If you are coming from Tokyo, this is where (most of) you will begin your Mt Fuji climb. Even if you are not climbing to the summit, many tourist agencies bring tourist to the 5th station to view Mt Fuji. The view of the mountain from here is truly stunning.

The map of the 5th station area is as below

The 5th station has it all – shops, restaurants, rest areas, lounges, locker rooms, etc. The pictures below will give you some idea about the 5th station. A good place to stock up before your Mt Fuji climb. Surprisingly, the prices here were comparative to Tokyo. I was expecting a big markup as it is Mt Fuji, but not so.

After our climb, we had a wonderful meal at the restaurant below (the middle building, 2nd floor). Surprisingly it was not expensive (you cannot use these words in Japan), or let me put it this way – the prices were comparable to Tokyo prices and there was no Mt Fuji premium.

The food we ordered was promptly delivered, and it was warm and tasty. After our climb, we just loved to sit here and enjoy this warm food.

The trail starts here, and just follow the big flock of people who will walk with you to the summit.