Finnair in Economy Comfort from Nagoya (NGO) to Helsinki (HEL)

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Flight review:

Finnair in Economy Comfort

Flight number: AY 80

Equipment: A330
Origin: NGO (10:30)
Destination: HEL (14:40)
Flown: July 2016
Cabin occupancy: 60%


Nagoya Airport experience:

Nagoya airport is beautiful new facility (around 10 years old). The airport is built on an artificial island. See the picture below to get an overview.


To get a nice feel of the airport, you can walk around the Skydeck.



My Finnair flight from the Skydeck – the photo was taken by my friend.



After my stay at the Sakura lounge (review can be found here), I walked to my departure gate. The boarding process had already began. I showed by boarding pass and was in few minutes in my seat.

The economy comfort seat is fantastic, and I was lucky again on my return trip. I got two seats for myself again.

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Our flight pushed back on time, and in a few minutes we were airborne after a smooth takeoff.



Just after take-off we could see the Nagoya airport island.



Their were two meal rounds. Both were tasty.




It was a smooth flight. The weather in Helsinki was great too, and offered great views on approach.


Landing was smooth and we were taken to a remote stand.

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In all a fantastic flight with Finnair, and the added bonus was that I could travel in their Comfort section.