Turkish Airlines Istanbul (IST) to Hongkong (HKG) in Business Class on 777

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Turkish Airlines in Business class

Flight number: TK 70
Equipment: 777
Origin: IST (02:00)
Destination: HKG (17:00)
Flown: Feb 2018
Cabin occupancy: 100%


Our flight to Hong Kong was 02:00 departure, I am sure quite late for everyone working at Istanbul, and today we had a bus gate. What surprised me that there was no priority boarding or line to have any potential priority boarding. There was one huge gathering with 3-4 different queues that somehow came together in the end. I asked the gate agent about priority, he checked my boarding pass and just ushered me in. I was surprised to see that a business destination such as HKG does not warrant a priority boarding at Istanbul. Our flight today was completely full in business cabin – not a single free seat.

Turkish 777 business class do not have much privacy when compared to other new business products, but one thing they definitely have is a lot of leg room.

Furthermore, the seat turns into a full lie-flat bed.

The TV monitors are quite good and decent size too.

In seat reading light.

What I liked about the 777 is that there is a small divider between the seats for additional privacy.

Bedding is provided for the business cabin. This being an early morning flight, or a late night flight from a different perspective I had asked the flight attendant to make my bed immediately after departure and I skipped the meal service.

In case you are wondering the menu for today was as follows.

I Partook in the breakfast service, and that menu is below.


I did not take part in the meal service or other entertainment offerings but I definitely got a good night’s sleep. I must have slept at least 7 hours and was completely refreshed when I landed in Hong Kong.