Turkish Airlines Istanbul (IST) to Amsterdam (AMS) in Business Class on B777

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Turkish Airlines in Business class

Flight number: TK 1951
Equipment: B777
Origin: IST (07:15)
Destination: AMS (09:50)
Flown: Sep 2019
Cabin occupancy: 40%

We were scheduled to fly the A330, but Turkish swapped the equipment at the last moment and I was able to fly their 777. I love the TK 777 business cabin, but this was the first time I was flying this product on their AMS run. The 777 business class really offers a fabulous product. Very spacious cabin and the seats/beds are extremely comfortable. The only thing lacking on this cabin is privacy – there is absolutely no privacy as the cabin is set as open. However, given that the cabin occupancy was quite sparse this morning, the seat next to me was empty and I could enjoy my trip.

I was coming back from a long weekend trip to Cancun, and was quite tired. Although, it is a 3 hour run to AMS from IST, my plan was to catchup on my sleep, which I was very successful in doing. I am glad TK switched equipment in the last minute and I got their lie flat business cabin instead of the A330 inclined flat seats that were originally scheduled.

We boarded on time and once on board we were welcome by a spacious and clean business cabin. The 777 business seats are quite wide and the difference is apparent when compared to the new 787 business seats I just flew back from CUN. See that review here.

Once onboard were were handed out a welcome drink. I chose the freshly squeezed orange juice, which was quite refreshing. You can see the leg space available per passenger – its tremendous.

Once we left the gate, the taxiing took quite long, but we got a chance to check the new airport. Fortunately I was seated on the right side (although it was the left side of the plane) to see the complete airport on take off. Its a huge sprawling facility. IST has done a good job with the new airport, its truly beautiful and I hope soon they can have rail connectivity to the airport making it easier for passengers to get in and out.

We were handed headphones and menu. I was so tired by this time that I decided to forgo both food and entertainment.

Immediately after take off I made my own bed, unlike my trip back from CUN, where the flight attendant made the bed with nice blanket and mattress. No problem for such short flight. Thanks to the nice flat bed – I slept all the way until AMS, all refreshed!

Although, I did not partake in entertainment or food options, I was very happy with the flight. It was a complete flat bed on an intra-European business class. What more could I ask. I was looking forward to catch up on my sleep, which I did and arrived refreshed at my destination.