Turkish Airlines (TK) in business class from Cancun (CUN) to Istanbul (IST) on 787-900

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Flight report: Turkish Airlines in business class

Flight number: TK 181
Equipment: 787-900
Origin: MEX (09:20)
Destination: IST (05:25)
Flown: September 2019
Cabin occupancy: 50%

After a wonderful weekend in Cancun it was time to fly back home. Cancun airport is quite large, with 4 separate terminals. Most of the international airlines operate from Terminal 4, which is one of the newest and modern terminal. This is a huge terminal, and while I was there during arrival and departure it was almost completely empty. We landed in Cancun around 7am in the morning and the immigration area was deserted. It took 15 minutes to get the computers running. On departure, the same case – Turkish flight to IST was the only flight at this time. Some photos of the terminal are below to give you an idea how empty it was. Although, it was empty all shops were open and I could see quite a few good options for dining.

NOTE: A very important point was that there is a lounge in the terminal, but as of September 2019, TURKISH does not provide lounge access for passengers in BUSINESS CLASS, and definitely not for star gold (*G) either in Cancun. This was a big surprise to me. Turkish has a fantastic business product, and why would they not allow lounge access in Cancun, where a lounge is available. I did not mind walking around the airport, but traveling in business I expected lounge access and was a bit disappointed that I could not visit a lounge in Cancun.

Thankfully there were few passengers in the terminal near the Turkish boarding gates.

The boarding was quite smooth. Business class passengers were boarded first, followed by elite and then others. On board I was welcomed by the beautiful 787 new business cabin. I loved this cabin, and love the fact that as a single person you can have your privacy or choose to fly in the middle couples seat if you are with someone. As you can see the seat is quite spacious with a lot of personal room available. Secondly, it is quite private. If you take the window seat, which are singles, you will not see another passengers face in a seating position. The windows are large and from the seat you can easily have a great view outside.

Throughout the flight, decent quality wifi was available and that too free. There were 3 separate login options – business class, MS member and economy.

The seat was very comfortable and its a suite in itself. Right next to the seat there is a box next to your head with electric outlets, USB charging points and a closet to store your important items. This closet can be closed by a door. For all the even numbered seats this closet is on the aisle side, thus the seat is close to the window, while the odd numbered seats the closet is next to the window while the seat is close to the aisle. My preference would be to choose even numbered seats as it gives you even more privacy as you are seated away from the aisle. The food tray is hidden right below the screen. You press once and it pops out – you have an option to use it as a single or double…

At the head level, next to the closet there is also a sliding mirror popping out. I did not use the mirror function myself, but while in seating position used the mirror as a head-rest while watching TV.

On one side of the seat, at your navel level, there is a console for entertainment as well as seat/light control, which is self explanatory and easy to use.

We started with a pre-departure drink and were were offered noise cancelling headphones and Versace amenity kit. I liked the amenity kit with a nice small cologne when you are on the go. Also the bag was better than the one I received on the way to mexico. What surprises me is that Turkish does not offer pyjamas on such a long flight.

The menu was handed out, and what surprised me was that the first meal was a breakfast meal and the second meal before landing was the main meal. The flight takes off around 9:30am. I would imagine that they would start with the main meal an hour after take off and the breakfast before landing. As the flight lands in Istanbul around 5:30am, who would in their right mind will eat a complete meal right before landing. Also, its a 12 hour flight – after a quick breakfast you are really waiting for more food for the next 9 to 10 hours. Anyways, all things Turkish this will always remain a mystery to me.

Similar molton brown accessories in the bathroom once again. The washroom was again kept clean and fresh throughout the flight. Fortunately, I had the same crew on the inbound as I had on the outbound. The crew was getting back to Istanbul after a 2 day rest. They were delighted to see me again and all came around to say hello and check my photos of the beaches and the Chichen Itza. Unfortunately for them Turkish makes them rest in Mexico city rather than Cancun.

Upon take-off we had gorgeous views of the ocean and the barrier reef. It was spectacular.

Immediately, after take off we were offered breakfast, which was very tasty and fresh. I am always impressed how Turkish manages such tasty food onboard. DO&CO is fabulous.

Upon breakfast, the cabin was immediately made dark, which was quite surprising. I am sure the crew do not like to interact with passengers much. Our beds were made and the crew went behind curtains. For a day flight, this was a big surprise. Anyways, my bed was made and I watched some movies before I dozed off.

2 hours before landing, our main meal begun. It must be 3am in IST, while 10pm in CUN – thus the timing of the meal was quite strange. However, if you leave the timing aside the food was spectacular. I chose the shrimps with Chipotle sauce and was impressed.

In conclusion, this was a great flight. I came to IST nicely relaxed and happy. Apart from the confusing meal times, it was a delightful flight!