Around the World in 2 weeks, Part 11: Wrapping up the trip

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This article is part of the main article: Around the World in 2 weeks (2012-2013): Introduction and Planning


IMG-20130103-02087 IMG-20130103-02088 IMG-20130101-02086My flight to Seattle is quite uneventful. I already had a big meal at my friends place and am not even hungry to eat anything on the flight. I still try to have a bite and after that I just try to get some sleep on the flight, as again tonight I will be flying a red-eye flight. I land in Seattle and checkin for my flight to Philadelphia. Both flights are good. I sleep like a baby on both of them. I think after my camera and photo issue is resolved I am really content and in peace with things around me. This allows me to be calm and catchup on my sleep.

My brother picked me up in Philadelphia. I spend 4 days with him. Its great to catch up with him.

The wonderful trip is coming to an end. One last direct flight to Amsterdam and I will be home. I know it was an exhausting trip, but if I had to do it again, I would do it. It was quite an exciting trip, where I got to try desert safari for the first time, then enjoy Air France, Cathay, ANA and Delta business products – all for the very first time. The best flight experience was the Cathay flight and the best lounge was the Abu Dhabi lounge operated by Etihad. Destination wise, the highlight of the trip was Rangoon – how many people I know have been to Myanmar, it still has the exoticness value.


My brother takes me to the airport and I fly direct to Amsterdam, operated by US Air. I sleep well on the flight, land early in Amsterdam and run home as soon as I can to see my family!