Indian cooking course: Tandoori chicken recipe with a Mustard Twist

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This article is part of the main article: Indian Cooking Course – 2015, in Szentendre, Hungary


Tandoori chicken recipe with a Mustard Twist


Prep time: 10 minutes + marination (2 hours)
Cook time: 30 min
Things you need (2 person)

4 … Large/medium chicken thighs
2 tbsp … Tandoori chicken masala
1 tbsp … Garam Masala + Cumin powder + Chili powder
1/2 … Lime or lemon
1 tbsp …  Salt
2 spoons … Mustard sauce
2 spoons … Oil
1/2 cup … Sour cream
2-3 twigs … Cilantro/coriander leaves


Here’s how

1) Wash the chicken thighs or drumsticks. Give a few small superficial cuts to the meat




2) Mix the sourcream, Mustard sauce, oil, salt, coriander powder, tandoori masala, turmeric,
lime juice and rub it nicely on the chicken (all the spices are as per taste). You can mix this
directly in an oven tray

3) Let it marinate for a few hours



4) Pre-heat the oven to 250 deg C

5) Put the meat in the oven. Please stir the meat every 5-10 mins. The meat should be cooked in 30 mins



6) Once the meat is almost done, please put the broil function on. The last 5 minutes the chicken
should be broiled, so that it gets a nice crusty top but the inside is tender.

7) Sprinkle some lemon juice as per taste. Chop some coriander leaves and add as per taste.