Etihad Airways First Class – Apartments review from London to Abu Dhabi

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Flight review:

Etihad Airways First Class – Apartments

Flight number: EY 20

Equipment: A380
Origin: LHR (15:00)
Destination: AUH (01:20am)
Flown: May 2016
Cabin occupancy: 80%


London Heathrow Airport experience:

Please read my report on Etihad First and Business class lounge here.


At the gate

The boarding was quite organized and quick. There were 4-5 different queues – two for priority and other for economy. I walked out of the lounge and into the plane!



First Class Apartment

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Welcome drinks and snacks



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Food and drinks menu

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Food and Drinks overview

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Shower at 35000 Feet

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Bed ready for sleep

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Best flight ever! Etihad A380 suites lived upto my expectations, and much more. The staff really went out of their way to make this a special flight. The only problem was that the flight was too short!