Finnair Premium lounge and Sauna at Helsinki (HEL) non-schengen

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The Finnair Premium Lounge and Sauna at Helsinki Airport is located between gates 36 and 37, on the non-schengen side of the airport. I landed on the schengen side, coming from Amsterdam. I cleared immigration with the automated machines quickly and made my way to the lounge.

I realised that Helsinki airport is bursting on its seams. This airport must have beenĀ just a small little regional airport a decade or two ago and now it is a medium-sized international connecting hub. Some of the areas really have low ceilings, with people teeming all over the place. A bit claustrophobic at times.




However, once I made my way to the non-schengen side close to the new gates – 32 to 37 I saw that things looked brighter. These are the gates where all the Asian flights were departing from this afternoon.




Once I entered the lounge I headed straight to the sauna and showers. The sauna area is quite nice and clean, a bit hospital feeling as everything is very white and sterile.

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You can shower and change before you head to the sauna. The showers have lockers where things can be stored safe and locked. There are complimentary toiletries available.

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After my shower I headed straight for dinner. Below see some photos of the food and drinks section. The lounge has quite a nice warm and cold buffet, along with a good selection of complementary drinks.

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Overview of the lounge. It looks pretty big, but when I was there it was totally packed and as the boarding times of other Asian bound flights came the lounge became empty quickly. And when I was about the leave, the lounge was almost empty.

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A great lounge, with tasty food, nice drinks and a relaxing sauna. Had a nice stay there.