Japan Airlines (JAL) in Premium Economy from Shanghai (SHA) to Tokyo (HND)

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JAL flight review from Shanghai Hongqiao (SHA) to Tokyo Haneda (HND)


Flight review:

Japan Airlines (JAL) in Premium Economy

Flight number: JL 82

Equipment: 777
Origin: SHA (12:50)
Destination: HND (16:45)
Flown: July 2016
Cabin occupancy: 100%


Shanghai Hongqiao (SHA) Airport experience:

Please read my report on the Shanghai Hongqiao (SHA) can be found here.


At the gate

As all things Japanese, the boarding was seamless, efficient and noise-free. My brother and I quickly boarded and headed to our seats.



Flight attendant checked our boarding passes and took us to our seats. She was quite friendly, she made a small chat and went on her way. The JAL premium economy seats on their 777 are quite nice. They are shell seats with decent recline – comparable to US domestic first class product.

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We had an ANA flight next to us before push-back.



Take off




Food and drinks service

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We could see Mt Fuji from the airplane window on our approach to Tokyo. Mt Fuji is so prominent that all the way, until our landing into Haneda, we could see it.


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Landing at Haneda







The flight was very smooth. And for a 3 hour flight in economy, the service was fantastic. Given that I could sit in an Economy comfort seat with my economy ticket was an added bonus.