Japan Airlines (JAL) in Economy from Tokyo Narita (NRT) to Nagoya Chubu (NGO)

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Flight review:

Japan Airlines (JAL) in Economy

Flight number: JL 3083

Equipment: 737
Origin: NRT (9:55)
Destination: NGO (11:05)
Flown: July 2016
Cabin occupancy: 90%


Narita Airport and lounge experience:

Please read my report on the Narita Airport JAL Sakura lounge can be found here.


Gate area and boarding

The domestic gates are about 10-15 mins walk from the Sakura lounge. I left the lounge a bit early and made my way to the gate. It was a ground floor gate. The waiting area was quite nice – offering a wonderful view of the airport.





The boarding was quite orderly. I was in no hurry, so I was one of the last person to board. It was going to be a short flight in economy and I was ready for it with a book in my hand to read. Another objective was to take photos of Mt Fuji. spotting Mt. Fuji from the air is such a big deal that JAL has a website, which tells you from which side of the plane you could see Mt Fuji.


I used the above website to determine that Mt Fuji will be on the right side. Let me tell you, the website was right and I was lucky to see fantastic view of Mt Fuji from the air. The mountain just two days ago I had climbed.



Narita was busy that morning on the international side, with many nice tails on offer.

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View of Mt Fuji from the air

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It was such a clear and beautiful day that I could actually see the climbing trail from the window.

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The flight was short and good. JAL does not offer complementary food service for short-haul. So no updates on that side. We landed on time in Nagoya.

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