Turkish Airlines from Stockholm Arlanda (ARN) to Istanbul (IST) on A320

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Flight review:

Turkish Airlines in Business

Flight number: TK 1792

Equipment: A320
Origin: ARN (07:50)
Destination: IST (12:15)
Flown: April 2017
Cabin occupancy: 50%

This Turkish Airlines A320 has an economy sitting in business class, with the middle seat empty. For a 3.5 hour flight it is really a pathetic excuse for a business class. Fortunately, TK has one of the best onboard food offerings, otherwise there is really no reason to go to TK in business (knowing the fact that when things go wrong, TK ground service is really not the best to deal with).

You can see the leg-space – really not much personal space. Thankfully the middle seat if blocked so atleast you dont have the share the arm-rest.

The food offerings were fantastic, and a menu was offered.

While we landed it was a bright and sunny day in Istanbul. Offering nice views of the land.