Turkish Airlines in Business class from Chicago (ORD) to Istanbul (IST) on 777

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Flight review:

Turkish Airlines in Business class

Flight number: TK 6

Equipment: 777
Origin: ORD (21:40)
Destination: IST (16:15)
Flown: April 2017
Cabin occupancy: 50%


I just came from IST a few days ago on their 777 and knew what to expect. Given the fact was again half empty and the seat next to me un-occupied I knew I will have a lot of personal space and will be an enjoyable flight.

The service started with a nice lemonade welcome drink.

Immediately after take off we were offered nice menu’s and the chef came to take dinner and breakfast orders.

The food was spectacular. Even though Chicago is not the home base for Turkish the catering was 5 star.

We even had a nice dinner with candle light.

After the dinner, I slept for 5 hours and soon it was time for a nice and tasty breakfast.