Platinum Services lounge (by Celebi) at BUD (Budapest airport) – for Lufthansa and Star Gold members

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I was flying with Lufthansa out of Budapest, and as a *G member I was given access to the Platinum Services lounge (by Celebi). Another good thing of flying out of BUD as a Star Gold is the access to priority security as the general lines can get quite long and crazy. Overall the airport is bursting at its seams – usually at the checkin lines extend all the way until the doors and there is no room to walk, forget sitting down somewhere in peace.

Luckily, after security things improve a bit until you head to the gates. Budapest needs a bigger facility and soon.

This lounge is located in the Schengen part of the airport in Terminal 2A, transit area, next to gate A12.

The lounge isnt too big and seems like a one big room. There are decent sitting areas, but as flights come and go, the place gets quite busy.

Overview of the food and drink options. The drink options are better than food options. You get a decent selection of wines, beers, juices and coffee tea. However, the food options are not that good. The bread/scones on offer were tasty, but the warm options such as kofte, etc were cold and not good at all.

What I found interesting was that the lounge offers Turo Rudi (the Hungarian cottage cheese chocolate). I got my Turo Rudi fix before departing.

This is an OK lounge, and given the hustle and bustle and fight for space in the general terminal this lounge feels even better than what it offers.