Something different, and something green – tasty Okra (ladies finger) masala fry

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This is a nice vegetable and I grew up eating it. You can make Okra in various ways. Usually, if we buy fresh Okra from the turkish supermarket here in the Netherlands then we make a fried version. If we buy frozen Okra from the oriental supermarket here then I like to make the curry version.
For fried version, you need dry Okra so that it does not become very slimy. Thus frozen Okra is never very dry, even after thawing and then I prefer the curry style. This recipe is the (dry) curry style.

Things you need:
Okra – cut into cubes … 400-500gm
Garlic pods—chopped … 3-4
Ginger—chopped … Small piece
Onions—finely chopped … 2
Cooking oil … 2 tbsp
Tomatoes—chopped … 2
Curry leaves … a few pieces, if you have.
Garam masala, Turmeric, Fresh Coriander, Salt, Chili powder … as per taste

Here’s how:
1. As this was a frozen Okra – I had earlier thawed it and dried it (as far as I could). Then I cut into small pieces – as shown and kept in a sieve to drain excess water, if any.

2. Fry this Okra for around 5 minutes in a frying pan with some oil a high flame, until it turns crispy and less slimy. Once done, keep it aside for later.

3. Fry the onion, garlic, ginger along with curry leaves. Once the onion is brown add the chopped tomatoes -keep stirring!

4. Once the tomatoes is reduced you can add turmeric, masala, salt as per taste and preference and then add the okra. Let it cook for 5 mins and you have okra curry ready. I usually serve this with warm tortilla or paratha (which can be bought in most supermarket).