Qatar Airways Arrivals lounge at Hamad International Doha Airport (DOH)

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The Qatar arrivals lounge for business and first passengers at Doha is huge. Every time I have been here I have been one of the very few passengers. What is even more strange is that there is a pre-arrivals lounge before the immigration and then the real arrivals lounge. Both of these lounges are available if you are flying Business or First with Qatar.

On arrival please head to the immigration and baggage claim. There is a separate immigration section for the Qatar First and Business class passengers.

In this pre-arrivals lounge right before the immigration/baggage claim, you can relax and grab a drink. I find this quite useful, as there is no need to rush through the immigration while your bags are still not at the belt. As business passengers you are quite quickly at the baggage belt but the bags arent there. With such a pre-arrival lounge you can relax and time your exit in such a way that your bags are waiting on the belt for you 😉 By the way, immigration is a part of this lounge. At the far end there are a few immigration counters and I have never seen any queue here.

After you collect your baggage, just on your left you will see the Qatar First and Business class arrivals lounge. Its a HUGE lounge, with a lot of seating options. While I was there, I was the only person in the lounge. The staff at the lounge was quite chatty and kept me company. The seats at the lounge are nice to be comfortable for a short amount of time but not to relax over a long period of time. As this is an arrivals lounge thats not a problem either. As passengers after a short refreshment will head to their destination.

After the dining area there is a passage connecting the lounge with the business center on the far end. On one side of the passage there is a water fall, while on the other side you see the arrivals area.

The business center is quite nice and has a plenty of work-stations. I doubt these have ever been used. There is also a printer if you need to print something before you head to town.

There are plenty of dining options. I was handed a menu for warm food, while I also saw some salad, dessert plates ready made on display. I chose the omelette, which was quite tasty.

Before heading out, I decided to use the showers. The shower rooms are huge, with a small wooden bench to layout your clothes/bag and a nice small single couch to relax.

Qatar offers a fabulous arrivals lounge. After a long flight I need a nice shower and a quick bite before heading out, and Qatar offered that in style!