Thai Royal Silk Lounge at Kathmandu (KTM), Nepal

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Flying with Air India, out of Kathmandu, Nepal does not lead to many lounge options. In fact Air India does not offer lounge access to elite customers, or even business class passengers at KTM. How sad!

However, I did some research before heading to the airport and found out that there is a Thai Airways – Royal Silk lounge at KTM, which can be used by Star Gold (*G) passengers. Thus, I was not completely out of options, and had a lounge to head to after immigration. There are two lounges at KTM – the Royal Silk as well as an Executive Lounge, operated by Radisson. The two lounges are next to each other. In other words, the Executive lounge is on top of the Royal Silk – physically, as well as in the offerings and services. Please note that both lounges are before security, so time your exit from the lounge carefully.

The Royal Silk lounge is very simple, and setup as a diner. Although, it has a setup akin to restaurant the food options offered are negligible. Perhaps we were present at the wrong time, and before the departure of Thai Airways flight they do have some eating options.

There are plenty of drinking options, with decent hard liquor, beer and soft drink options. However, when it comes to food, there are no warm options. But only some nuts/chips and finger food options.

There are some sofas in the corner to relax but most of the seats are set up with straight chairs and table. Fortunately, there are newspapers and magazines available to keep you occupied until its time to catch your flight back home.