Qatar Airways Al Mourjan business lounge review (updated in 2019 and 2021 – Covid times)

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The 2021 update was written during Covid times and gives an update about the services in the lounge – especially where to sleep and eat within the lounge. To see my review of the Doha airport, as well as the Al Mourjan lounge from 2015 – please click here.

2021 update – September and October

I passed through the Al Mourjan lounge twice – in September and October.

In September, I was flying Economy class, but being a Qatar Gold I was welcomed to the Al Mourjan lounge as the Qatar business class lounge was closed. Second time, in October, I was flying Qatar in Business class and had an overnight (8 hour) layover in Doha.

The lounge…

Lounge was busy at times and at other times quite empty. It is a vast lounge and well maintained.

There are tablets at each seat. But, in during my multiple visits to the lounge all over the years – I have seldom seen anyone using these tablets. Who uses them? what a waste of resource.


Due to covid regulations, and limited capacity there was a big queue to eat at the restaurant upstairs. I tried twice but it was a long wait. There was a lounge attendant who monitored and controlled – who could go upstairs. I gave up and instead opted for the Deli. Even during my previous visits I have loved the Deli – they serve good drinks as well as nice sandwiches and salads.

The made to order menu is

Plenty of great drink options – but I kept to me beer and water.

In between my two visits I tried the grilled cajun chicken sandwich, mozarella salad, greek salad and the Caprese salad. Everything was tasty and very well presented. Lounge attendants are always around the corner if you need anything more.


After a long flight, I opted to get a shower. I was told there is a 5 min wait. I waited around the corner and was able to access the shower quickly. Showers are large, and kept very clean. The shower attendant asked whether I would like a dental or shaving kit. I opted for the dental kit… I brushed and enjoyed the warm water – it was refreshing and I was ready for my sleeping time…


Given that these were Covid times it was quite difficult to leave the airport and get a room outside, while the airside rooms were prohibitively expensive. Thus, I was planning to get a few hours sleep in the nap room. However, many many others had the same idea and the nap rooms was FULL. I tried multiple times and it was impossible to get in. However, the nap room attendant passed on a secret and I could get a good nights’ rest at the recliners – next to the business area. Thank god they had an answer – where could I sleep during the night. The recliners are quite good and I had 3-4 hours of good sleep. The lounge attendants brought me blankets and asked if I would like to drink or eat. I was so tired, I just requested blankets and it was good night time. I am glad the nap room attendant pointed me towards the business area for sleeping during the night. Qatar has made good facilities for people who cannot get the nap rooms, which are limited. There are around 15-20 recliners in the business area and as it is a quite area, you can easily sleep well.

2019 update

One major change from 2015 is that the la carte restaurant menu has ceased to exist. But on the other hand, the Deli on the main floor of the lounge offers la carte sandwich and snack items, which are of very good quality and tasty.

Its a huge lounge, with a lot of different areas to sit and relax. once you enter, on the right side (one floor up) you will find the restaurant, while on the left side on the same floor as that of the entrance you will find the Deli at the farthest point. In between there are many nice places to sit, relax, get work done, etc etc.

Lounge overview map…

Art work at the lounge.

Entrance to the deli, at the far left side of the lounge.

Deli seating area

La carte menu for the Deli – for breakfast and for lunch/dinner. The service is top notch and the quality of the food is great.

Deli counter

Tasty warm sandwich, just what I needed after a long flight!

Restaurant offerings – one floor up, right side after entering the lounge.

Food at the restaurant is setup as a buffet, and the quality is fine.

A photo of the lounge from the restaurant glass window. Gives you an idea, how HUGE it is.

After a long flight I went to take a shower. There was no wait for the shower. The shower rooms are quite large and well stocked with the relevant amenities. If you need dental/shaving kit, they can be requested at the shower desk.

Right next to the showers is the Quiet Area – this is the best part of this lounge. I think there are around 15 sleeping pods. I was there late in the evening and my flight was departing around 2 am. I needed a few hours sleep before boarding. I headed to the Quiet Area but understood that there was no free pod for me right away. However, I was told that in an hour I should have a place to sleep. Just as they said it, I was there an hour later and voila – I got a comfortable place to sleep. The photos below gives you an idea how the sleeping space looks like. The attendant also gives blankets on demand. A hint to all: if you cannot get a sleeping pod, please go to the family area next to the deli – there are many couches where you can easily sleep before boarding. The lounge attendants are helpful in this aspect and will give you blanket if requested. One of them was very kind, and offered to reserve a couch for me if I was unable to receive a sleeping pod.

Qatar does a fantastic job with the lounge and I was quite happy with my stays this time – I was refreshed after a nice shower, nicely fed and well relaxed due to the sleeping pod. This is what a great lounge should be able to do…and it did!