British Airways Concorde Room at Heathrow (LHR)

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I had been waiting for this moment for a looong time. Until this day, the epitome of my travels was my trip in the Etihad First Class apartments from London to Abu Dhabi and then to Mumbai. Etihad truly pampers you in the apartments as well as the ground. That being said, Etihad experience was out of the world, but I was still curious to check-out the British Airways First class product and one privilege that comes with it – the entry to the Concorde Room at Heathrow. British Airways has a Galleries First lounge, but that is for their Gold card and Oneworld Emerald card holders. The people who truly fly the BA first class get invited to the Concorde room. I was looking forward to this experience.

We were flying to Chicago on the BA 787, with a new First class seats. After our flight from Amsterdam and going through the security, we headed to BA South Lounges – where the Concorde Room is located. We entered the lounge around 11am and had around 3.5 hours there. That was the plan, we wanted to maximise our Concorde Room time. What was even more special was that we could try both the breakfast and lunch offerings 😉

You take an escalator a floor up and there it is – the Concorde Room entrance, opposite to the Galleries First lounge entrance. The lounge attendant welcomed us very warmly and even mentioned that if our kids are tired they can make use of the Forty Winks, napping room.

On the left side of the entrance to the Concorde Room is the Spa – however, it was still closed. I think, since Corona times this has been closed and unfortunately, we could not experience it today.

Once you enter the lounge, the main lounge is to the right.

Right ahead is the Forty Winks – where you can take a quick nap. Next to it is the Concorde display case.

A replica of the concorde plane. It is a pity, it is not in service.

Some more Concorde memorablia

If you turn left here, then there is some nice artwork and restrooms/showers, etc.

On the other side is the main lounge. I liked the decor, every area is differently decorated. The color combinations, pillows, couches are all different. It is quite eclectic but tastefully decorated. I loved this feature of the Concorde room and this is how it differentiates than other lounges – it has this personal touch, which makes it special.

Different style, different colors. This area is next to the bar!

At one corner, there is the Concorde dining. You have to wait to be seated. The area has booth style seating. However, it looked dark and we didnt wanted to be boxed in the booths while traveling with our kids. Thus, we did not make use of the dining area.

Did I mention the bar! It is a nice roomy area with few bar chairs and we were helped by a lovely barman. Who could make some mean cocktails. We enjoyed some nice drinks and could really relax, while our kids were catching up on their favorite series on their tablets.

We were offered a mix of nuts and olives. I loved the fresh olives, and especially the ambience of the bar area and the friendliness of the barman! It was a lovely treat.

Some photos of the indoor lounge.

The indoor part of the lounge is nice, but the outdoor section is truly special. On a bright and sunny day, you have natural light coming in from the large windows and can relax in nice comfortable chairs/couches while you are being pampered.

A lovely view of the airport!

Also, the outside terrace area is tastefully decorated – every area has its own colors and decor!

We grabbed a nice couch and chairs for us and enjoyed our pampering time.

There is a small bar area at the entrance to the terrace. However, you wont have to get up and go there. The lounge attendants are truly amazing and attentive. They keep on rotating through the lounge and taking orders. Nothing was too much, they went out of their way to help our kids make choices.

We had some alcohol free cocktails and a lovely beer for me. The beer is Brewdog jet stream – which was truly gorgeous. I loved it.

A cheese plate and salmon as appetizer. Very nicely done.

The cured meat with some veggies was ok. It was a bit dry. I wish they could give some nice sauce along with it.

The burger was fresh and tasty. We tried both the veg and non-veg options, and they were truly tasty.

For me the highlight was the (Barbacoa beef) taco with pulled slow cooked beef. The taco, just melted in your mouth. I loved it.

The brownies were potent – very rich and high calories.

The Breakfast menu

The Lunch menu

The drinks menu – wine, champagne, cocktails and beer/non-alcoholic stuff.

What a great stay we had in the Concorde Room. It was truly what I hoped for. Ofcourse, not at par when compared to my Etihad Apartment and lounge experience but amazing. Our family felt truly pampered and could enjoy every moment of it. British Airways Concorde is a great experience, before your BA First Flight!