American Airlines Flagship Lounge at Chicago O’hare (ORD) airport at H-K concourse 

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This Flagship Lounge was the highlight of our stay at Chicago O’hare. This lounge had recently opened and I was looking forward to visit this lounge during our trip. The good thing is that I was able to access this one with my Oneworld Sapphire card. Before the rules change, I wanted to enjoy the amenities 😉

I am happy to say that this lounge lived up to my expectations. It is located in the middle of the Terminal 3, at the bridge straddling piers H and K. The directions are pretty nicely marked and will guide you easily to the lounge.

The admirals club and the Flagship lounge are both housed in the same facility. The admirals club is on the first floor and the Flagship lounge above it.

Once you take the elevator you will be welcome by the sliding doors and are lovely lounge is waiting to be explored. I have noticed that the personnel are pretty proud of the Flagship lounge at Chicago and that is rightly so.

This is a HUGE lounge. This photo was taken from one end of the lounge (close to the nap room). On the farther side is the bar as well as the dining area. Farther side has a lot of excitement and people, while on this side of the lounge it is quite calm, and also a few nice areas to rewind and relax. We will begin our journey at the excitement side (farther side) and slowly come back to this side to rewind.

The lounge has a gorgeous view of the terminal and the airport operations. We had a lovely sunny day in April and we could enjoy the natural light pouring into the lounge. Just refreshing.

Once you enter the lounge, if you turn left it is the exciting area with dining room and a huge bar that is self-pour. A treat in itself in the USA. Dining options are fantastic! American has really upped the ante and if you see the warm and cold options, they compete with the best of the best. A quick peak at the breakfast (cold and warm) menu is hereunder.

A nicely stocked, self-pour, bar at the far end of the dining area. Pretty good whisky and vodka options – I was pleasantly surprised.

But it was still around 11am and I didnt go for any spirits, but a nice cold beer.

Next to the bar, there is a coffee and tea machine on one side

and a wine, soft-drink and fruit section on the other.

The breakfast options that morning were fantastic – one one side cold cuts, cured meats and sushi rolls.

and on the other side, warm options including eggs, sausages and bacon, etc.

I took the sushi and some cold cuts along with my beer and was happy with my choice.

Pretty soon, the lunch options were brought in. with nice potatoes, beans, cauliflower and burgers, etc.

My favorite was the shell-fish and mussels section. They were really nicely cooked and garnished. Along with some lemon and baked cauliflower they were quite tasty. I was very happy with my brunch.

A watermelon slice with some nuts and garnish as dessert. Yum.

Next to the dining area there is a nice section close to the windows where you can enjoy some sweet options.

Plenty of sweet options for dessert, for people with a sweet tooth. Nice freshly made cakes along with candies and chocolate.

Now we come to the center of the lounge. The area in front of the entrance. There are nice seating areas overall. And this area does not get crowded at all. People gravitate towards the dining and drinks area, while he rest of the lounge is a perfect place to relax. Throughout the lounge there are plenty of islands with non-alcoholic drinks and coffee/tea machines.

At the center of the lounge there are displays with departure information.

Now to the other end of the lounge. There is a long corridor and as you move to this side – it gets queiter and sparsely populated.

There is a nice nap room, with recliners. I didnt see any pillows or blankets on offer. Perhaps, the lounge attendants can arrange them on demand.

At this corner of the lounge again you will have a drinks island. Pretty convenient to keep yourself hydrated.

There is a TV room at the far end. It was quite and news were on. A few people were enjoying the quiet time and relaxing.

In conclusion, a lovely Flagship lounge at Chicago. American has truly created a world class lounge at O’hare. For my future travel to Chicago, I know I will be sticking to Oneworld options, cant beat this service.