Amsterdam Schiphol Aspire lounge 41 replacement (Cafe Flor close to D7 gate) review – April 2023

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We were flying from the non-schengen gates with Turkish Airlines, and when we arrived at the regular Aspire lounge, we saw a placard that the Aspire Lounge 41 is closed for renovation and there is a replacement lounge – Cafe Flor, close to gate D7.

Luckily we had enough time and energy and we treaded towards gate D7. There are huge roll-ups there advertising the temporary lounge – which is a converted cafe.

The lounge has a diner feeling, but let me tell you – I loved it more than the Aspire lounge. Aspire lounge has always been crowded and I was so happy to have this practically empty lounge, all for myself.

Bar area – they just had Heineken on draft.

self pour wine and spirits – pretty simple stuff, nothing special here.

Nice view of the D and E gates. We could see our Turkish flight that will take us to Istanbul in the background.

Some light snacks and veggies on offer.

Overview of the lounge

In all, a nice temporary lounge – gets the job done and the best thing was that it wasnt crowded.