Indian Cooking Course – 2019, in Szentendre, Hungary

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Keeping up with the traditions, this year too my sister in law and I had organized an Indian cooking event in Szentendre.

As Summer is around the corner, we decided to make have an veggie themed event, and we decided to cook an Indian Thali. It is a great summer meal – veggie, light and flavorful.

Indian Thali essentially comprises of balanced flavours & a variety of complimenting dishes on a single plate. Most commonly, a Thali would include Rice, Dal, Curry, dry sabji, Yogurt condiment and salad.

The menu for the afternoon was, with links to the recipes…
Pulav – A fried (basmati) rice dish with some spices/veggies
Daal curry – yellow/white/black lentil curry
Sabji – Aubergine curry
Raita – Aubergine and yogurt salad

We had 10 participants and most of them were veggie enthusiast. The menu and the food was quite well received.

Signing off with a nice selfie of my sister in law and I.