Yearly review – 2015

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Yearly review



It was a good year for travelers looking for a good bargain, especially in business class. The oil prices are low, and airline profits are high. In this aspect, many carriers are having premium class sales from many cities. From Europe, you can many times per year catch a great bargain to USA from Dublin with Oneworld and Skyteam. On the other side, Qatar Airways has nice deals from Scandinavia, Cairo or Casablanca to all around the world in premium classes. I managed to book a Qatar premium class fare from Casablanca to Nashville, and the highlight for me was trying the Qatar business product, especially their new 787’s. I was really excited about trying it, and I have to say Qatar has raised the bar with their 787 business class. My review about their 787 business class is here.

Of course, this year too I managed to visit my family in India, USA and Hungary a few times. Apart from the family visits, the highlight this year was my trip to Cairo, which was on the top of my to-do-list for quite some time. A couple of years ago, I had to cancel my trip there, but this year I did manage to get there.




  1. Flight activity for 2015 is mapped below



2. Traveled around 77465 miles = 124667 km

Flights for 2015 are listed below

From To
40 segment path: 77,465 mi
    AMS LHR 231 mi
    LHR SIN 6,765 mi
    SIN KUL 184 mi
    KUL ICN 2,859 mi
    ICN DFW 6,841 mi
    DFW BNA 631 mi
    BNA DFW 631 mi
    DFW LHR 4,750 mi
    LHR AMS 231 mi
    AMS BUD 728 mi
    BUD AMS 728 mi
    AMS FRA 228 mi
    FRA CAI 1,816 mi
    CAI LHR 2,197 mi
    LHR AMS 231 mi
    AMS LHR 231 mi
    LHR ORD 3,953 mi
    ORD MSP 334 mi
    MSP CLT 930 mi
    CLT BNA 328 mi
    BNA ORD 409 mi
    ORD LHR 3,953 mi
    LHR AMS 231 mi
    AMS BRU 98 mi
    BRU MAD 816 mi
    MAD CMN 539 mi
    CMN DOH 3,570 mi
    DOH DFW 7,932 mi
    DFW BNA 631 mi
    BNA DFW 631 mi
    DFW DOH 7,932 mi
    DOH CMN 3,570 mi
    CMN MAD 539 mi
    MAD AMS 907 mi
    AMS LHR 231 mi
    LHR BOM 4,487 mi
    BOM LHR 4,487 mi
    LHR RTM 213 mi
    RTM BUD 732 mi
    BUD RTM 732 mi
Total: 77,465 mi



3. Countries visited for the first time = 4

In 2015, I managed to visit 4 new countries for the first time – Egypt, Morocco, Qatar and Slovakia. Slovakia does not show on the map above, as I drove there from Hungary.

Trip reports about these destinations can be found here

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