Yearly review – 2018

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In terms of miles flown, this was a moderate year – a few family visits in India, Hungary and USA. However, the highlight of this year was a trip with my brother to Vietnam. Vietnam is fascinating country. We spend time at the Phu Quoc island and then Ho Chi Minh city. The food and the people are amazing. I hope one of these days I can head back there again and explore the northern part of the country.

Another great trip to remember was the trip to Slovenia – to Bled and Bohinj lake. Its a beautiful country – very similar to Switzerland, just affordable!

Highlight reports for this year are:

Detailed travel guide for your Phu Quoc island visit – Vietnam
Food guide for Phu Quoc island, Vietnam
A short trip to Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam
Plaza Premium First Lounge in Kuala Lumpur (KUL)
A day trip from Ljubljana to Lake Bled & Bohinj and Mount Vogel, Slovenia

From To Distance
AMS IST 1,376 mi
IST HKG 4,985 mi
HKG SGN 925 mi
SGN KUL 650 mi
KUL IST 5,206 mi
IST AMS 1,376 mi
AMS MUC 413 mi
MUC BOM 3,926 mi
BOM BRU 4,271 mi
BRU AMS 98 mi
AMS FRA 228 mi
FRA TXL 269 mi
TXL MUC 298 mi
MUC AMS 413 mi
AMS FRA 228 mi
FRA BUD 520 mi
BUD AMS 728 mi
AMS FRA 228 mi
FRA DRS 241 mi
DRS MUC 212 mi
MUC AMS 413 mi
AMS BIO 717 mi
BIO AMS 717 mi
AMS LJU 606 mi
LJU VIE 164 mi
VIE AMS 598 mi
AMS LHR 231 mi
LHR DTW 3,766 mi
DTW BNA 456 mi
BNA ATL 214 mi
ATL LHR 4,210 mi
LHR AMS 231 mi
AMS BOM 4,266 mi
BOM DXB 1,198 mi
DXB BOM 1,198 mi
BOM AMS 4,266 mi
Total miles – 49,843