Yearly review – 2016

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Yearly review


2016 was a year when I could not travel much. I had begun a new job during the second half of the year, I was unable to take off of work. Fortunately, I had some nice trips done in the first half of the year. In terms of quality of travel, it was a great year. I was able to fly Etihad first class apartments from London to Mumbai on their A380. With their apartments – Etihad has taken a novel approach and are in fact giving space to passengers. Not just space, like some extra few inches here and there, but actually creating a new revolutionary Apartment and Residence concept. Now this is what I call radical innovation.
Another exciting trip was to China and Japan with my brother and wife. After almost 7 years we three went on a trip together. The highlight this year, was our Mt. Fuji Climb.
  1. Flight activity for 2016 is mapped below




2. Traveled around 28912 miles = 46529 kms.

From To Distance
23 segment path:
AMS MAD 907 mi
MAD LPA 1,097 mi
LPA MAD 1,097 mi
MAD AMS 907 mi
AMS LHR 231 mi
LHR AUH 3,432 mi
AUH BOM 1,226 mi
BOM LHR 4,487 mi
LHR AMS 231 mi
AMS RTM 28 mi
RTM BUD 732 mi
BUD RTM 732 mi
RTM AMS 28 mi
AMS HEL 948 mi
HEL PVG 4,604 mi
PVG HND 1,082 mi
HND NRT 37 mi
NRT HEL 4,877 mi
HEL AMS 948 mi
AMS MUC 413 mi
MUC AMS 413 mi
AMS FRA 228 mi
FRA AMS 228 mi
28,912 mi


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